Test Principle



Human body will first develop IgM, and then IgG against SARS-CoV-2 during infection. IgM would show up in the patient's blood after 3-7 days of infection and it may last 4-5 weeks, while IgG will become the major immunoglobulin in the blood for protection after 2-3 weeks of infection and it could last from 3 months to lifetime long. In general, IgM is used as a marker for acute infection diagnosis in early stage and IgG is more likely used for epidemiological analysis.

Our kit uses a tiny drop of tester'sfinger tip blood to directly detect specific IgM/IgG against the Nucleocapsid Protein of SARS-CoV-2 in order to verify whether a person is infected or not, the testtakes less than 10 mins without thehelp of any special device. Therefore, our kit provides low cost, easy-use, quick and accurate test, suitable for large community populations screening.


The mainly components are as below:

Goat anti-human IgM or IgG is conjugated with colloidal gold. Nucleocapsid protein and rabbit anti-goat are coated on NC membrane as test line and control line respectively. If the control line is void, the test will be viewed as invalid.Our production capacity is as high as half million tests a month.